Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tears Turned Butterflies

Yes, yes, yes … we have reached a very interesting point and it is necessary to reveal a few more secrets I left out from you… sorry I kept you in suspense but trust me it is all for a good cause. First, let me tell you about this Druid of the Great North. This man has lived at least six lives back to back and is going on his seventh. The wealth of knowledge he has accumulated over his shoulder is paramount let alone the wisdom he possesses in all matters of morals, justice and prophesy.

His most dreadful foe, the witch of prejudice, had already cost him six of his lives and now he is determined at to capture her forever for now is his last chance. In his search for justice, he had been searching for the right opportunity to deploy his prowess. Then one day he came upon the Queen and the Pirate…

It was at this juncture that the Great Druid of the North sent for the Pelican Ignatius who was as we know a philosopher, but also a keen astronomer. The Druid had been lacking concentration those days because great cosmic disturbances were interfering with his telepathic abilities. He wanted to know the cause and to find way to solve the problem.

Pelican Ignatius knew quite well the cause, but he was afraid to tell the Druid straight for he feared the Druid would harm the pirate. “Allow me Great Druid to explain the reason,” said the pelican. “I know very well the person who is behind these galactic phenomena, but promise me not to harm him because he is my dearest friend”
“But why would you like to protect such vandal who is disrupting my ability to think”. “The reason is that he is innocent and does not know that he is affecting you,” the pelican explained. “My friend has found a treasure so immense that his heart is sending signals so potent every time he looks at particular set of stars, a group of three. And that is why every time he looks at them he attracts to himself enormous galactic powers from which he channels his emotions to the stars and disrupts your ability to communicate.”
“Hummm…” murmured the druid, and then said “and in doing so he has indirectly called on me to his attention!” Then he realized that there was deeper meaning behind this coincidence, he became pensive and then demanded.
“And what would that treasure be and who is this friend of yours.”.

“My friend is Eaglehook the pirate. He has told me that he had found a way to feel the presence his long lost love by looking at this particular three star constellation and that they acted as a mirror between the two. I have calculated that the object of reflection from the plane that these three stars demark, the location lies beyond the line of no return. The most curious phenomenon is that the relative position of these stars changes so as to accommodated for the location where the pirate moves; this means that no matter where he is he will know where she is”

“Stop there; stop…” interrupted the druid in bewilderment. “Let me recollect…. You mean to say that the pirate is here and his lover is far away on the other side of the earth and that they connect through stars that reflect each other’s image?”

“That is precisely right,” replied the pelican. “Very unusual my dear pelican…. I am perplexed… communications between the two by means of reflecting stars. That totally eclipses my telepathic powers, which reach a mere 50 meters, but this pirate friend of yours is able to harness such prowess so as to align cosmic energies that focus on his lover. We are at the verge of a very important discovery of the power of love! Shush, shush… you must keep this a secret, do not tell anyone for you may be deemed a lunatic and you will be killed…. now tell me who is on the other side of this communication triangle?”

The pelican paused and grasped for air, clear his throat opened his mouth but could not speak. “hurry up you and peak up or I will pluck all you feathers!” shouted the druid…”It is her majesty the Queen!”… “The Queen!” the druid shocked and jolted so hard that his pointed hat fell off!

“Yes but she does not know who is the person calling from the other side. I have been advised by my owl network that every time she looks at her stars herself she feels this lovely butterflies in her chest an anonymous call for love.”

Tears turned butterflies (cm apr-09)
For down on earth his heart in pain
The Queen so far he felt would die
Bulging eyes burst, Oh longing heart
Swelling love drops, Oh hurtful tears

As he stared the stars to implore her dear
Soothing light came to dried his tears
Turned to stardust they paint the skies
Pain turned joy float sparkling treasures

From her dream she wakes serene
As tears subside, he closed his eye
Then dawn came by to bring her light
Came butterflies to flood her heart

“Well, that explains it all… the boldest pirate in history on one side, her majesty the Queen on the other and in between the two the stars. But these are not ordinary stars for they accommodate their reflection so that the two are always in range; a natural phenomena unseen an unequivocal proof of love.
The Great Druid sensed a power of pure love so strong between the two that was much greater than any of the black magic forces that the witch of prejudice could imagine to have. For the first time in his long life, he was able to feel confident that he could defeat the dreaded witch.


  1. Wow! The power of love must never be underestimated. The same happens with magic and with fear.
    This getting more and more interesting...

  2. Yes, my dear friend, the power of love is about to be tested. Please stay tuned as I add more entries. Parallel to the sketches you are reading in my blog, I am starting to write a book based on these. I don't have a time limit but would like to have my final manuscript in a few months. Thanks for your visit.

  3. 生命是一頓豐富的宴席,有人卻寧可挨餓 ..................................................

  4. Thank you for your comment: "Life is a delicious feast, but some people would rather starve" - you are so right.

  5. Thanks for your words - must be patient for an update...