Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Crystal Ball

She heard the devastating news of how the pirate had been captured and her small friends slain. “Oh most tragic fate” … her body trembled and eyes swept ….”why so much cruelty” tonight of all night, that she waited for so long she hurt with all her dreams shattered…. “Oh my pirate why you died”

Crying on her balcony in total despair the queen earnestly prayed and cried desperately…. Her supplication so sincere that the clouds made way to let the stars shine thru… so cheerless her soul that her grounds guardian owls sent in unison harmonics buhuuu to soothe her pain.…

Beeding heart (cm:apr-09)
My heart bleeds I cannot stop
Is too late to hold your hands
Is too late to wish you mine
For without you I will now die

Our love soars high
Beyond the starry skies

Up away the skies so high, stars pulsed their lights so calm, a ray hope shone her way …. As she looked above, she realized shone the star she dreamed the night the pirate read her message in the sky! So mysterious was its warmth she new so well it shone both ways reflected on the star thru the crevice on the wall.
Deaf odes (cm:apr-09)
I felt the odes you send my way

Bright deaf song melodious light
Soothing pace shine pulsing stars.
Take you in love to shield your heart
Keep your soul alive deep in my being

“Oh heavens above guard my pirate strong so foes cannot destroy our most righteous desire. Ray of hope so bright penetrate his heart and never let go, his strength must persevere his life and mine as one.
After her revelation, the queen removed her crystal ball where she kept the pirate eye preserve for him and that she took out each time she wished to dream with him.. Curiously she lifted the ball from its base and for the first time realize there were engraved writings on the base. She focused well and softy read the words…

“The journey your destination”

And she read those words the ball began rearrange her crystals configuration in kaleidoscopic radial patterns encircling the eye… yet maintaining its spherical contour the radial patterns leaned forward conically with the eye at the center. Giving pirates eye pupils a depth so profound that the queen skipped a beat. Gently she leaned forward to focus on his eyes and her vision engaged on a twirling light travel through a magic cornucopia of enchanting designs … she fell in trance and a voice spoke to her in a clear pristine tone. Behold! … It was the pirate’s own

“You must find the Druid of the Great North; he will show you how to free my body from the witch…. Hurry for you have not much time… take my ship it awaits for you by the bay; my crew stands to serve you but you must instruct of them of the destination….” But as she was about to ask the voice for a precise location…. The crystal regain it original formation… and she woke up ….


  1. Will heaven guard "her" pirate?
    You are testing your readers patience, aren't you? I almost miss this entry, luckily I was curious enough to take a look here.

  2. I have been absent from the blog. Thanks for your comment. Soon I'll post the next part.