Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Witch of Prejudice

WHEN, suddenly the skies darkened; surrounding the land in deafening thunders that echoed fiercely in belching explosions… At the epicenter was the witch of prejudice siphoning dark clouds that descended towards her in whirly furry. At her flanks were her contingents of goblins performing grotesque diabolic rituals of abominable depravation.

At the darkest moment, the witch dispatched her goblins and scores of furious three headed flesh-eating hounds to capture the pirate.
Most of the welcoming entourage fled but a few fell pray to the vicious hounds that tore their flesh viciously. The wit
ch on a well-staged ploy lured Eaglehook to fall into a trap as he tried to rescue a piglet from being devoured by three-headed aberration. Exactly as he stepped on the hidden trap, a heavy net snatched him from the ground and gobbled him upwards leaving him hanging like a giant fig from a tree….

HAAHAHHAHAHAHAH HA shrieked the witch in cruel laughter; “damnation I shall take revenge!” she spewed in anger.
Our pirate was dragged by tens of goblins that locked him in a dungeon.
As he waited in the damp and dark cell, he resisted his surrender. Entrenched in his fearless valor he defied the witch to fight him… “I may loose my body but not my soul” . As he mulled his great escape a mysterious a warm ray of light percolated through a crack on the heavy rock wall - Graced by a sublime revelation the pirate fell to his knees and cried, “It is you my dear queen that comes to calm my heart”

Ray of hope (cm Apr/09)
Queen of my desires
Shield my heart with love
My body stand to guard
What foes seek to annihilate

A fissure on the wall
Darkness gone away
A ray of hope so bright
Percolates my heart

A fissure on the wall
Sadness crushed so hard
A ray of joy so bright
foes cannot destroy

Now with reassurances that the Queen held his soul safely on her care, he was fearless and confident to destroy his foes and join his queen. A peak into his heart would reveal the true colors of his invincible nature and devotion for his queen:

Fly to burn (cm Apr/09)
For a taste of your black magic
Wicked witch let me succumb;
And be devoured by the rats
That infest in your filthy dungeon.
You have captured me in good time;
Go ahead and let me die
For the flesh that you have caught
Lives a the spirit of a moth
Thwart your plan is my delight
Spin and gyre round your lamp
Wings in smoke I drop my poison
To implode your wicked soul.


  1. It seems as if the odds are all against Eaglehook and his queen.
    Will love prevail?
    I'll keep tuned!