Monday, April 6, 2009

silly fairy song

Indeed the pirate was able to deceive everyone as detective Dream-Catcher had predicted; but with one difference: he was not with the queen of all desires! He had been snatched by his archrival foe the zealot witch of prejudice, and was about to cast a spell on him and turn him into a stuffed raven! …

I know, my friendly reader… you would prefer to skip to the part where the pirate and her majesty finally kiss, get cozy, etc.. However, let us be patient and carry on a step at a time! We must find out why and how he got into this horrendous predicament.

As we know this far, the pirate has true feeling for the queen, But there was another important reason to meet her: She had in her possession his right eye, and he wanted it back at all cost.

How he lost his eye is a matter of another tale, but suffice to say that he had lost it on quarrel over some scantly dressed ladies in a saloon. It is said that in the middle of the confusion an elf came and popped his eye out with a spoon and runaway with it. Shady business don’t you think? Well, let’s not get side tracked and return to our story…

We left Eaglehook as he slumbered under the scorching heat on top his ship’s deck on the verge of extinction. Inexplicably the winds picked up and inflated the ships sails to push them deeper into the high seas. Legend says that his spirit took charge of the ship while he laid there in as state of oblivion. By some miraculous providence, the ship took him all the way to her majesties shores. …A sparkling cool spray woke him up; it was our delicate Dewdrop fairy gently sending magic drops his way.

Remarkably, he woke up without signs of weariness and in full of vigor… “Where am I” he demanded… “

“You have reached our queens shores gallant pirate”, exclaimed the fairy; “I have orders to take you to her castle”. He was cautious to hear those words and reminiscing on the scorching heat when he thought he had died, he became even more skeptical of his whereabouts. "How did I get here?" "Who sailed my ship?" Full of questions but without answers they were joined by more fairies Tinkerbelle, Frawn, Silvermist among a dozen others who came from all directions hovering in frolic maneuvers around his head…

“Enough you silly ladies…” he ordered, “Hurry up and take me to her palace!” He got up shaking off the dust from his long journey and feeling grumpy and in disbelieve, followed the flying ladies. The fairies did not seem to care about his mood and coarse manners and were dancing all around him while he shook them off like annoying bugs. Chanting silly songs with boisterous and dissonant soprano voices - the fairies drove him crazy:

silly fairy song (cm Apr/09)
Songs of joy we celebrate
Trumpets, bells ‘n fireworks
Colored perfumed butterflies ‘
Ladybugs ‘n fireflies

Rabbits, birds ‘n monkeys feast
Pudding, cakes ‘n jellybeans
pirate is bathed and shaven clean!
Fragrant ready for thee queen!

To add to the confusion various animals and bugs joined the welcoming entourage frolicking and laughing frantically. This could not be real he thought, what a nightmare, complained the pirate; I rather perish in quicksand!

"I am a one eyed pirate - a feared buccaneer not a namby-pamby prince with a fancy cape and a sissy feathered hat…I must be in the wrong story", he worried! "Urrrg…" he cursed and spat… his only solace was that he would reach his beloved queen soon. "This should be my last frustration;" he thought as he filled his heart with her sculptured figure, his lost eye and persevered.


  1. I guess he manages to meet his beloved queen, but after going through an incredible journey. The question is: would the queen be waiting for him?
    Looking forward to find out...

  2. .... let's wait for the next chapter!!
    Cariños - Cesar