Saturday, March 28, 2009

The queen has disappeared!

Distinguished reader, allow me to introduce myself. I am detective Dream-Catcher of the Seagull Intelligence Agency (SIA) in charge of the anti-fraud task force of the seven seas. I have been called to investigate the disappearance of her majesty the queen of all desires!

Some time ago, we were very moved to learn that Eaglehook the pirate had passed away for a most noble cause and in honor of our queen.

I felt nostalgic of his demise. Looking back into his trajectory, I secretly admired but never condoned his ability to sail the seas snatching treasures, enchanting women and collecting them as porcelain dolls, just to cast them overboard when he got tired of playing with them.

His arrogance at times so disgusting, that on occasions I wished I could have drowned him, but never had the courage and ended throwing lifesavers on his rescue. I became sympathetic of him, when I thought that he would come to the realization that he was hiding his real reasons to escape; that he was only faking his merciless desire to loot… evading his own conscience. I thought he knew very well that he would inevitably begin to accept his own mortality and seek salvation.

After many years on his track, I learned to respect his vivid yet perverted intellect. We all know that he had entered an irrevocable state of physical decay caused by long years of unrestrained behavior and lurid morality.

Let me warn you dear reader: our allegedly defunct friend was too smart to exit before his most feared ghost took possession of him: the dimming of his soul ahead of his heart. The only tragedy that would preclude his own redemption. So why would Eaglehook anticipate his death with most his mental faculties intact?

I became so suspicious that launched a full-scale investigation to recover his ship and his body …. NOTHING has been found! There are no traces of him anywhere! He has simply fooled us all again. This story about him waiting for his queen in heaven and guiding her to him when her time comes is a fabrication!

My dear reader, please reason with me… he is a hairy handed, red-blooded PIRATE, a fearless buccaneer and a master of deception! He has snatched the queen of all desires before our very eyes! He has simply maneuvered our attention to think him dead while he is enjoying a most worldly and passionate encounter with her majesty in persona; and to top of it all she is a willing companion! A sacrilege!

Here is the SCOOP; most reliable sources from the SIA have intercepted love verses written in his own handwriting and dated as early as today! He is ALIVE and very much in LOVE with the queen… yes, I said in LOVE …

It is mind bogging that our “mucho-macho” filibuster is capable of such sublime feelings. Moreover, for us to be deprived form our queen of all desires; and her willingness to allow herself to be lured by this despicable creature hurt us so deep.

Knowing the pirate as I do, he will not throw her overboard as he did with his collection. They have now teamed up to take control of the seven seas! An epic chase of incomparable wit has just begun! Prepare yourselves!

Here is the evidence:
Touché! You caught me off guard!
I am humbled before you fair lady –
You take this round; I felt your clout,
Admire your style to fence me off so boldly!

I meant no harm and that is true
But also true that play I do
With words and swords as pirates do;
But why should I deceive to play alone
When is more fun to play with you?

Swoosh, wooosh … kaabush..
I shall disappear behind my words; don’t fear!
Deceive you not, but reappear
To make you feel the magic.

Our season:
The turns of Nature showed
When ripened times converge
Is now, as always been
Most certainly our season

Swimming in sync
She: “… And today I swam in the morning as it rained and each drop on my face made me feel so alive and wishing you were there to share.”
He: “ … Consider I was with you there in every stroke, and every drop that fell on you the Dew Drop Ferry made for you …


Incubation: (the flight of the eagles)
You have incubated much too long sweetheart for our heat has turned to fire!

It is time to clutch you tight
Ardently around my arms
Break that shell to come alive
To fly with me like an eagle


  1. I guess he may be as ruthless as you describe him, but why can't the pirate have real and sincere feelings for a woman? And what about the way around? Can you imagine? The queen has always lived surrounded by delicate gentlemen and, out of the blue, comes this rude man full of adventures. A whole new world, for both of them.
    Just do the math...

  2. Gaby thanks. It looks that the math and chemistry are just perfect for these two. One more time it has been proved that love is blind - even for PIRATES and adventurous queen. Please stay tuned.

    PS, I am sure that the queen was tired of her sissy-like delicate courtesans and Eaglehook was indeed a much waited alternative. I admire her for that.