Monday, March 23, 2009

Why the message in the sky (Part 2)

AAfter reading from the stars, our pirate prepares to embark on his most glorious quest.
He was only certain of two things. First, that by an irrefutable revelation, the night he gazed at the stars from the crows nest, that his muse had read and understood “why the message in the sky”. The second fact he held in his possession, was that she was out there somewhere beyond the point of no return…

YES, yes, yes… my friendly reader I need to explain: The point of no return is that point that if crossed, will never return you to your point of origin… indeed a very foolish endeavor. However, you know how pirates are so greedy, especially if the boot is the queen of all desires; yes! her majesty in person! … And all for himself, of course… his most inspiring muse the essence of perfection!
Oh yes, I forgot to mention, he does not even know her name! Well between you and I let us call her Rapunzel of the seas.
It has been said that she has long golden hair and shuns all her pretenders…how can our sea drifter be so obtuse!

“You are a madman,” laughed drunken buccaneers as they saw him set sail “You will go blind in the scorching sun and become mad before you drown to the center of the earth!”

But he knew what he was doing with resolute conviction he departed…“I don’t need my eyes because I can see it in my heart!” he barked in anger!

Months later on a blind course:

By now his vision almost gone and the charts were useless!
No signs of hope anywhere, and the dreadful point was twice behind. The rats were dead, all was silent except cracking sounds of snapping pointed splinters sticking up from scalding decks; and flat sounds of blisters bursting from his back. Grasping in hot air he painfully exuded last his drop of courage:

Oh sterile sea,
A lonely man and torrid heat
Arrhythmic specters dance afar
Twirls of horrid convolutions
Guts, flesh and fishbone spumes
Goblins, demons take possession
Scorched skin the heat sinks deep
In nauseating vertigo he spins
On his fall to condemnation

A shield of faith wraps his soul
Right on time for his protection
As the fall slings in reverses direction
His soul hovers high in vast suspension
Sweet odes are heard and rainbows seen
Yet alone he comes to understand
That his spirit is sailing free
And now settled in her heart
He is the message in the sky

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