Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why the message in the sky

The pirate has been ill; his bones hurt. He is back though; lets find out what he is up to now.
---*** -
Our trusty pirate is fed up of mulling on his troubles and has risen to grab a lost treasure; a t
rue love he thought foregone like the path of a fallen star.

He hastily summons his old friend the pelican to take a message across the many seas. However, as he is about to seal the envelope he apologizes to his envoy and tells him that on second thoughts a message so direct would sound pretentious and infinitely trite.

The friendly bird then suggests to drop a bottle on her beach… he disproves to say that such an action would misconstrue a vulgar call for random craze; that a lady of her class would disdainfully refuse.

Looking for an answer, he finds himself on top of the crows nest balancing the tides; with one hand on the mast and the other pointing at the stars, he bursts in great elation:

I have felt her lasting flame
Unaware I cherished for so long
Colors spread to ignite the hearth
Soothing warmth of light so true
Sweet deaf odes shall play for you
Invisible rainbows make you smile
Precious verses encoded in the stars
Stands to reason but not in words
When your soul finds my heart
I will take you aboard my ship
And together you’ll understand
Why the message in the sky.


  1. It's good to see the pirate back... no matter if he is ill and with hurting bones!

  2. Thanks Gaby, I gradually starting to get more active. Thanks for passing by

  3. Wow Cesar, your words are so eloquent, you are a marvel my lovely dear friend. Debra

  4. Debra, Thanks for the accolade. With all respect to you Queen of Grandville. - Cesar