Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Druid of The North

He was a man of solemn air with white long hair and a beard. His emerald green eyes revealed the inner peace of a knowledgeable and polished soul full of wisdom and compassion.

She walked closer to greet the Druid and thought of hiding herself behind her royal demeanor and to offer him only her distant self.  However, at the exact moment she looked into his eyes, she felt drawn to his aura of immense empathy; all her inhibitions, her royal distance vanished as if she had never had them and finding herself instantly at ease.  So transparent were his eyes that she offered him her full sight in return… the way she really was without her shields. Moments passed without an exchange of words; a silence of intimate depth... as the queen began to recall the purpose of her trip she broke down in tears.

He took her hands and said in a soft calming voice “you came to me in great doubts and fears; I am here to help you, we must talk your majesty…” 

This is how the Queen and the druid made their first acquaintance. Soon she began to feel confident, a genuine sense of trust entered her heart, and for the first time in her life, she felt that she could share with someone her most protected secrets.  
They paced slowly through his village learning from each other as people greeted them courteously.  Following a road that took them to the outskirts of the town, he took her to the top of a hill where they sat by the shade of an old oak tree that overlooked golden fields of barley.  Like a lake made of silky golden stems arched by grains of plenty; the tall grassy carpet swayed gently with the west winds rolling in mellow oscillations. Caressed by the breeze, her soft skin felt wrapped by a magical freshness that brought to heart her one-eyed-pirate… she imagined herself lifted by her waist, then slipping down his arms she felt embraced - her hair streaming out to blend among the fields of gold…

       Note: The fields of barley location was inspired from a song 
      called "Fields of Gold” by Sting (Gordon Sumner) 
      featured in 'Ten Summoner's Tales' album 1993.

“My dear Queen, I dare to say that you are on a dilemma with regards to the pirate, the witch and with yourself.  Your uncertainties began to spring since you started to exchange letters with the pirate that my friendly fleet of seagulls so graciously offered to convey.  I also know of this immense climate of love that you and Eaglehook have created based on the verses he writes – Yes, Eaglehook the reckless adventurer, the gambler, the poet at heart, who dresses as a pirate to hide his giving nature and who is madly in love with you!” 
“Oh, how do you know all this?” the Queen asked in a surprised yet calm voice.  “There is very little I don’t know, my Queen.  My connections go far and deep, it is from this network that I learn the best and worst from all of you.  Your disappearance from your Queendom, the luring and the spell the witch of prejudice over you, your convenient captivity and location, were never a mystery to me.” … 


“Why did you not come to my rescue?”, the queen intervened. 
“The most compelling reason is that, albeit your captivity, the witch has allowed you to maintain a very reasonable life that eventually protected you from devastating blows you suffered in your Queendom.  I knew your royal duties obliged you to act in a stately fashion all the time forcing you to hide your real feeling simply to maintain appearances; the witch came at a proper time and the move was welcomed by you – I had no reason to interfere.  She offered you a shelter and you willingly moved to hide your soul.

  The Pirate Waits...
  Had once embarked your life 
 To share a sea as two in one
  In joy brought life thrice more
  Gale a storm so strong a squall 
  Gusts like furry it took its toll
  Broken course stood no bearing
  In pain for years you sailed alone
  A salty sea dissolved your sorrow

  A busking pirate-troubadour staged
  Scores like music strings his poems,
  Words as chords with tender tones
  Strumming songs to soothe your heart
  With words, love brings your life in tune
  Turning rocks, your efforts planted
 His own course unknown for certain
  Words like wine a pirate serves
  Drink you yearn his love sincere
  Thirst and pain your labor cost you
  Words swallow hard to trust be real
  Slumbered love you forced to rest
  In fear its course can hurt

  Words you drink with reason’s past
  Taste dreams for delusion certain
  Word you drink with heart to last
  Taste dreams and in love be certain
  Is how you drink and wish you taste
  The pirate pours his drink to savor
  Tide, wind, stars his ship to sail
  Shores his heart, his words, his soul
  He waits…

“The second reason why I did not help you gain your freedom has to do with the witch. She has been my rival for hundreds of years; my most dangerous adversary.  I dare not challenge her another time unless I have a winning formula to defeat her.  I have lost on eight occasions and each time I lost, it cost me a life!  This is my eighth life and I do not have another one to spare; if I die trying I will be gone until kingdom comes!  
“When I heard of your beautiful love story from pelican Ignatius, a common friend I have with Eaglehook, I saw a chance to defeat the dreaded witch once and for all.  But I cannot do it alone and need your cooperation”  

“Yes, I want to help”, said the Queen, “but if we get rid of the witch, I will be left unprotected, my heart will be exposed, I will be found and will have to return to My Queendom!  I am also afraid to be vulnerable to love as Eaglehook comes closer… I am afraid to fall for him although I truly want to.” 

“You will be tested my dear Queen.  The witch is aware of all your vulnerabilities, your fears, and your new found love for the pirate.  At this point, she has an enormous advantage by holding the pirate captive.  She knows for sure that you will at least attempt to set him free; although what you secretly want is to make him yours forever..."

“She plans to torture and finally kill the pirate in front of you" continues the Druid,  "to exert her dominance and make you her slave forever.  Now, if she finds out that I am helping, she will throw you in the dungeons to take revenge and force me to come to your rescue; a confrontation that if I loose will kill me – a very difficult situation...
I am sure that as we speak the witch is torturing the brave pirate, trying to find out of your whereabouts, she is relentless and her methods debilitate the strongest wills, at the end all succumb to her malevolent manipulations.  We must act fast and take advantage of all our resources, the pirate, his crew, the fairies, elves, you and I; believe me we will have to work together.  Here is my plan…”


  1. Eaglehook is back!
    I hope it won't be too long until next installment...

  2. Eaglehook was on vacations for a long time, taking some time off somewhere in the South Pacific... I will try to have him collaborate with me to write the rest of the story!
    Thanks for showing up my friend... I planning to post some pictures of Japan now that I am here... stayed tuned. Cesar