Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Here is a potpourri of sketches in Spanish and English
Aqui les paso un potpourri de bosquejos en Ingles y Español

Pendulum (ying-yang)
Hallucinating drank from bitter rum
Cursed the fate that came his way…
Exhausted slammed his cabin door
To be alone detached from all
Yearned to rot away till gone.
He drilled holes to sink his ship
But threw a bottle-note to sea
That to port he will not reach
To think him dead and be forgotten.

Why sink you heart so full of treasures,
You wish to go and shun your worth
Sinking there having reached nowhere
Without a fight you die in vain
Brave all your chances you are alive
Sober up and plug those holes
Float your boat and set your sails
For this journey you will not fail

The middle:
If you don’t come I will mourn you dead
Come my arms wait, but …go don’t stay
And no silly notes to announce you’re there.

Oracion al cristal al vino y la vela:
Tomo una copa de vino, mis ojos se pierden mirando tras cristal una vela que salpica colores – 
Visiones de siesta despierta… deseo que en el mundo de los días contados; que un simple soplo la vela llueva estrellas cadentes; que no falten pedidos ni se pierdan los sueños al olvido, ni tampoco resten ilusiones sin visiones.

Para pedirle al cielo mejores ficciones, deseo… que con viento que apaga una vela cansada, todo lo malo se fuera… y cuando me reencuentre a mi alma no se halle cansada.

I have nothing but my humble words to offer and pirate soul full of treasures meant for you as a measure of my breath. I beg you please take my words in their true worth tonight; for if tomorrow never comes, all the past uttered ones and now will echo in the skies for the stars to keep forever. And when you reminisce on a pirate’s flag or any sign of a one-eyed dreamer soul forgone, hope you evoke my image with the assurance that my life is infinitely real.

A taste of you
As I take this breath from you
Energized from warmth we seek to embrace
From ages left apart now held so tight
Touched our lips on this first time
A taste of you that came to life

Enchanting fragrance of surrender
Embraced in love before the stars
Spreads your warmth in million parts
Twirling petals drift our scents
A taste of you that came to life

For time took long our breaths apart
Distanced hearts far longed so much
This day to reunite what feels so right
Set us free our breaths entwine
A taste of you that came to life

Witness heavens and the Above
A love so deep the birds did cry
Locked hearts as breath entwine
Blessed with life that comes to us
A taste of you that is my life

Gota de fuego:
Cruza una gota de fuego suspensa en el aire
Luz que alumbra su marcha a lo largo
Fluye al impulso del viento que sopla p’alante
De esos movidos por sueños, de ardor por vivir
Surca una línea encendida que se hace distante
Se esfuma llevando su aliento, y envuelta un su fuego
Rastros de luz y esperanza, … puntito de alma… se va


  1. No importa tanto que se vaya, sino que vuelva.

  2. buenas dias Cesar....what a wonderful blog you have.. I feel moved and inspired. By the way, have you done any poetry readings? Well, we can talk about that later..... now I REALLY want to learn Spanish! No puedo esplicar mi sentimiertos...

    I have never posted a comment on a blog... this is a new experince, so I hope I'm doing it correctly.

  3. Laura Thanks for your first comment. You prompted me to make an entry to reply on your comment - please check my latest entry. My best wishes to you. Cesar

  4. "If I have nothing but my humble words to offer and pirate soul full of treasures meant for you as a measure of my breath"

    That was by far my favorite line. It spans the depths of what a pirate can possibly muster in his own pirate lingo. Very earnest.

  5. Kualiburuk,
    Thank you for quoting that passage from the "pirate"; he is quite a character.., but as you say an earnest one.