Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Queen Meets the Druid

The following morning before dawn the Queen guarded by her fairies and elves arrived on the deck of Eaglehook’s ship where the first mate greeted her with great respect pretending he was sober, but easily betrayed by the pungent smell of rum that exuded at every syllable he uttered.  

Eaglehook’s crew consisted of a dozen half-human half ghost creatures who had been cursed to remain in that amorphous state by the wicket witch herself. During the night because of the lack of luminosity, one was able to see their faces pretty much like anyone else’s, but as soon as the day’s first streaks of light appeared, their complexion turned pale and paler, until they disappeared completely as the sun came out. 

She broke the news of their captain’s captivity to which they reacted viscerally reaching for their swords showing their desires to rescue Eaglehook at all cost. The Queen then gathered her royal posture and ordered the uncontrolled dozen to stop the commotion and to stand in formation for her orders. 

“You are now under my command now and will follow my orders because it is the only way we will be able to save my beloved pirate.”   When the crew heard her last three words, they were incredibly moved revealing their most loyal expressions to which the Queen assented in a most noble style… after a brief pause she ordered emphatically, “you must take me to the Druid of the Great North …” I need to be there in a hurry!..  Head north and once we are far away from this dreadful island I will give you more directions.”
The first mate noticed the tidal current moving north with the winds in the same direction and ordered the crew to take full advantage.  In no time, these able mariners, maneuvered their sails to head north with the wind. 

Inside her chambers, the doll fairy trio Tinker, Cherry, and Sailor came to assist the Queen along with Shrekorg, the trusty elf,  to unpack and clean the untidy space.  Hastily the four assistants turned the room into place worthy of her majesty, except for the scared table were Eaglehook habitually nailed his hook each time he made a compelling order!  

At the center of this table was the crystal ball nicely packed and the Queen sitting in front of it waiting for the right moment.  She ordered her courtesans out and slowly began unwrap it … read the engraved words and this time as she looked into Eaglehook’s eye, a map of the Druid locations appeared in front of her!  She was startled, but soon regained control of her emotions and started to copy the details on a piece of paper.  Once done, she ordered Shrekorg to summon the first mate to her chambers:

“Here is where we are heading” handing the paper to the pirate.  “Yes your majesty, I will take you there as fast as possible.”

As the voyage proceeded, the Queen had time to recollect on her past life back at the court and in particular the circumstances prior to being abducted by the witch.  She was now aware that the witch had lured her precisely at the time she was most vulnerable.  So painful were her sorrows that giving away her throne for the isolation of captivity made perfect sense. Life as a monarch had become unbearable and from the various culprits behind her misery, the one that hurt the deepest was her inability to trust again. Her heart had broken.  

Although she tried to appease her heart, deceptions came and went and her soul hardened; she feared to yield to the power of love she never saw it come true.  As if her dreams of love had always past her like a breeze blowing away her hopes for real – calloused, she anchored her heart with chains that liked on fallen promises.
Many years had passed since those tumultuous days and although the pain had subsided, she had gotten used to the uneventful life of comforts that the witch provided and had capitulated her soul to her spells and perversities.  Then came Eaglehook to rock her life!

In love surrendered (CM 05:09)
One eyed pirate-poet,
Released her pure affection
By reading from his heart
The message in the sky

To soothe her spirit calm,
Her soul he holds so tender.
His words he pours like wine
Her dreams in love surrendered

Word after word inspired by his muse he painted his love in multicolor verses to reflect his lover’s image; his Queen of all desires!  His passion made her feel she was still alive and his words helped her mend her broken heart.  Once again, she was capable of falling in love if not for real at least in dreams. Without limitations, she felt intensely for Eaglehook, despite the fact that her fear of failure increased at the same rate passion boiled. She was afraid to dream beyond meeting the pirate she had never encountered face to face.

Exposed Freedom (cm jun/09)

Lonely nights awakened laid
Endured a void once filled -secure
Of love deprived, she hurt in pain
The song felt right the blues so sweet
Forgiven past, yet not forgotten
Smothered fire of flames that went
Dust that floats of ashes blown
Freedom earned she bears no chains
Tightly knit armor protection granted
Took a pirate to strip through layers
His touch so tender herself surrendered

The skillful first mate and his crew avoided bird lanes where they could be spotted by any foe that could reveal their location. As dawn set on the fourth day, they arrived upon the North Shore beach where the Druid was waiting…


  1. Like it a lot. This hyper active pirate needs to hear some simple Beatles'song like: All you need is Love....


  2. Thanks for your comment Polly. Indeed the queen has yet to set the pirate free from horrid dungeon where the witch of prejudice keeps him captive.
    She is traveling now to meet the Druid of the North, a man of great wisdom, to seek advice; they will meet soon... Please wait for the next episode. Kaesar