Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Snippets from a pirate's log

Tide, wind, stars and a ship to sail
Shores his heart, his words, his soul
Then parts...

Sweet rum...
Is how to drink and wish to taste
A pirate doses a drink to savor
Words to savor with reason’s past
Taste dreams for delusion certain
Word to savor with heart to last
Taste dreams and bearings certain

Bad weather...
Gale, a storm so strong a squall 
Gusts like furry took its toll
A broken course stood no bearing
In pain to long a shadow sailed
The sea dissolves all
Oh! saline sorrow

Turning rocks....
As winds subside the rain stayed on 
A busking pirate-troubadour stayed calm
Fresh pouring rain splashed sweet verses,
Words like chords blend rhythmic tones
Humming songs of yore to soothe the air
Beware of words that fall on waves 
That when close to shore do brake
Turning rocks that efforts planted

A pirate course is unknown for certain
Though words like wine the pirate drinks
Thirst and pain that swallow hard
A slumbering self is forced to pause
Inebriated and soaked in words he sleeps
Despite sweet words that rained so hard,
The morning sea remains as always; brine


  1. That sheet of paper... is the paper with the snippets of a certain pirate?

  2. Yes Gaby - it is a travel log-book where I keep the secrets to countless treasures.
    Peace to you,